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Highlights of BrandSys

High-Quality Servers: Our servers are the latest technology and maintained on site. We offer both Windows and Linux servers for all of our customers from shared hosting all the way up to dedicated. We limit each server to no more than 300 clients. Other hosts may cram thousands of clients onto one server.

24/7 Online Support: Our technical support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We guarantee top-of-the-line support. If we cannot fix a customer’s problem in 24 hours or less, we will give that customer a free month of hosting.

Easy Website Builder: For any client that signs up for a hosting package with us, we provide Easy Website Builder. This site builder is browser-based and exports the site using FTP so that the site instantly shows up online. No programming experience is required. Clients can save anything they’ve worked on and then come back and make changes later.

Unlimited Space and Bandwidth: We offer unlimited space and bandwidth of our competitors. This guarantees that our customers will never run out and will be able to do more with their websites.

HTML 5 Ready: Prebuild template with HTML 5 compatible has replaced its outdated flash-based website builder. In layman’s terms this means that you can create nice effects and animations without knowing anything about programming at all.